Arthur Funk & Sons have already begun the extensive structural changes to reinforce this former residence for public library use. Other work underway soon in the duplex includes new electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC systems, flooring, ceilings, wall insulation, new windows and a sprinkler system for fire safety.

New Community Space and Meeting Rooms will provide:

  • about 1,000 sq ft of space for meetings, presentations, activities
  • a folding partition to divide the one large space into smaller areas, as needed
  • internet connections, data and video sharing with the rest of the library
  • upgrades in energy-efficiency

The library-owned duplex next door to the existing library building is being rehabbed to house new meeting rooms for the community and will be linked to the original building by the newly-constructed Addition. Much of the funding needed to create new community rooms has been donated through the Writing the Next Chapter campaign, but additional funds will be needed to fully renovate and furnish the duplex where the Community Rooms are located. We need to purchase dividers, TV monitors, and chairs and tables. We also need to finish the second floor and repair the brick exterior.

Barring any unforeseen construction delays, the library hopes to open both the Addition and new community meeting rooms in October 2023.